But flesh with life and blood shall you not eat :- Genesis 9


Our Most High God JAH The Creator of the universe, long before modern science, communicated through the spirit to priests and angels the instructions concerning the nourishment and sustenance of the earthly body of human, (hereinafter referred to generally as man, including children, women and men).


The first reference in fact, according to available translations of The Manual of The Universe widely referred to as the Bible, is in the first chapter of The Book of Genesis. In Genesis 1, before the creation of man, the design set by The Most High JAH that Created and Creates Everything is that all flesh would eat only of the plants that JAH has specially created for the nourishing, healing and enhancing of life on earth.

Further the penalty of disobeying this instruction is eventual early death preceded by chronic and acute diseases.

Contrary to popular myth, every necessary nutrient for the good health and development of man is available from all the vegetables, rocks and plants on earth, just as JAH informs us all in through The Bible.

Research and anecdote establish that all living flesh or mammals thrive and live healthier longer lives on a diet consisting of fruits, herb and vegetables. The advantages of eating fruit and vegetables over the ingesting of deceased bodies or corpses becomes very evident after a change to an ital diet within a short space of time. This will vary from person to person but can be as soon as seven days into the correct diet philosophy and practice. Not only does man become healthier but also does not age as rapidly and lives much longer.















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